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“Conservative” Arizona Voters Vote for Increase in Sales Tax -- Why?

mikeoneil | 25 May, 2010 16:17

The reputedly conservative voters of the State of Arizona voluntarily added to their tax burden by passing a 1% sales tax increase.  The margin of the vote was almost 2-to-1. 
The measure passed in all but one of Arizona's 15 counties (the sole exception was Mojave County, a small rural enclave in the northwest corner of the state). Indeed, in Republican-leaning Maricopa County  which comprises over 60% of the state's population, the measure passed in 99% of the county's precincts.
What accounts for this apparently incongruous result?  In fact, it is not at all unusual for the state's voters.   I dealt with this matter on the day after the election in a recent appearance on KAET/PBS's Horizon.  (Click for Video). 
Ok, that was after the fact. Care to check up on what I was on record as saying would happen beforethe election?  (Click here for KNXV Video)
The legislature resisted even putting this matter on the ballot. How could they  be so out of touch?  I dealt with this matter in a recent Huffington Post article.  Click here to see the analysis of why.


Michael J. O'Neil, PhD


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