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Maricopa County Citizen's Judicial Advisory Council Tri-City Community Behavioral Health Center Unlimited Potential

Our Commitment

We try to contribute to the community in which we work. In choosing those organizations for which we will undertake pro bono work, we consider the following criteria:

1. Does this organization address its services to those who are truly in need?
2. Can we seriously impact the effectiveness of this organization?
3. Are any O'Neil Associates' staff members involved, in any way, with this organization?
4. What is this organization willing to contribute towards this project? (An organization's willingness to invest their own resources in a project suggests to us that the project is truly a priority for them.)

Requesting Our Help

We welcome requests for pro bono work that meet these criteria. In fairness to us, however, if you request our assistance, please make it clear from the outset that you are making a pro bono request.

While a minimum of formality is required, we find that some written statement is a helpful beginning. In addition to a clear statement of what you would like us to do for you, essentially, we are interested in knowing how your request meets the four criteria outlined above:

1. Who will be aided by our efforts? Are they truly needy?
2. What impact you expect our efforts to have on the effectiveness of your organization?
3. What O'Neil Associates' staff members are involved with your organization? What is their level of involvement?
4. What material resources - either financial or volunteer effort - you are willing to contribute towards this project?

Requests may be forwarded to any of our senior staff that you believe will be the best advocate for your project. This will begin a dialogue with you.