Public Domain Surveys

O'Neil Associates produces regular reports on a variety of topics of broad public interest. Many of these have been published or broadcast in such national media as the Wall Street Journal, Nightline, ABC Nightly News, USA Today, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, the Washington Post Weekly Magazine, and National Public Radio as well as hundreds of reports in professional publications and local media.

In addition to the written press releases and reports cited below, Dr. O'Neil has been an analyst and commentator on local television since 1980. Videos of several of his most recent analyses and commentaries are available by clicking on this link.

While many of our proprietary studies are national in scope, we have a special interest in the community in which we live. O'Neil Associates has tracked public opinion across the Valley, Arizona, and the nation since 1981. To be healthy, public debate must be informed - this is why we commit our resources to measuring opinions on the political and social issues people care and talk about. For this reason we have committed ourselves to pro bono research projects intended for the public domain in our home community of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. While, the vast majority of our 1,300+ projects that we have conducted over the last 20 years have been for private clients, the Valley Influentials Poll and the Valley Monitor are described below along with several other projects that are in the public domain.

Valley Influentials Polls

The Valley Influentials Polls are ongoing surveys with community elites in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. As such, they provide insight into the perceptions of this key group of community leaders, and often serve as a harbinger of the attitudes of the more general population.

Valley Monitor Surveys

These are general community surveys of the general population or voters in either the Phoenix Metropolitan area or the state of Arizona.

National Business Ethics Survey

One of the most interesting and significant recent projects conducted by O’Neil Associates was the National Business Ethics Survey which was fielded for the Ethics Resource Center in Washington DC.

Health Care Research

Financial Services Research